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Need 4+ gallons? Order our case for the best price! 


Transfer the solvent to a spray bottle (or purchase it pre-bottled for you, see our 12 oz and 4 oz spray bottle options), spray Amber Super Solvent directly onto the scalp and hair system, and let it work its magic. Once you've allowed the solvent to do the hard work, you may wipe the residue away from the hair system and scalp.


Kim Megee is the only authorized retailer of Amber Super Solvent and cannot guarantee the quality of your product if you order Amber Super Solvent from another company. 


To purchase with wholesale rates, the appropriate documentation based on your state must be provided via your member account. 

1 Gallon

  • Amber Super Solvent is the high-quality hair system cleaning product used to clean lace and thin skin hair systems at salons across the United States.  With it's refreshing citrus smell, this solvent removes bonding and tape adhesive residue from your hair system and scalp.

  • Orders will process with two business days of order confirmation. Shipping is based on total weight and delivery location. Your order will be shipped via UPS Ground unless a preferred carrier and account number are provided in your account.

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